Hopefully we can sort it out and get atleast one day of gaming in before the event expires. Word for word the same problem I have. Got that three times a week after i put the tickets in. That wouldn’t be extremely bad by itself, but hackshield quits the game without any info WHY. Keep me logged in on this device. Is this going to be free or when on release we have to pay for the privilege to play the game!! I’ve seen similar instances of this used in WoW but people who used it got mass banned because the IP’s they were showing up on were similar to these hackers and botters.

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Donate BTC All trademarks, copyrights and content belongs to their respective owners. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. I reinstalled glyph and turned of my AV but vindictus cannot start hackshield worked!

Those tickets are useless. Log in or sign up in seconds. I have played other Cbeta games, and have never encountered any dc at all, apart from lag and other issues, mind you, they didn’t use Hshield, they used another hack protecting software.

The only difference, I think, is that the Hackshield box doesn’t even vinfictus in the corner of my screen, it just redirects me to the korean webpage. Not wasting copious hours on a hackshielld I cannot play when I want Ok I tried some stuff and got it to work. I’ve already tried all fixes and tips I’ve found, but they are not helping. So much for that. Trying to get the game to work, trying every fix suggested here and on other forums to get the game loaded and past the hackshield popup but keep getting vindictus cannot start hackshield to the hackshield troubleshoot guide that I’ve vindictus cannot start hackshield time and time again.

Srart wanna shoot myself in the foot before i’ve learned to walk. You wanna tell me how to fix this instead of standing there looking smug?

Vindictus (F2P MMO) Won’t Launch

Schiffer View Profile View Posts. Looks like they’re having issues with CBE 4 already, but hopefully the Hackshield issue will be solved? Keep me vindictus cannot start hackshield in on this device Forgot your username or password? I’ve done it to hacksyield installs already. Its over 30 pages and counting with no answers for the multitude of those affected.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I don’t think devs read this forum tho. Vindictus cannot start hackshield in ‘ Computer Games and Consoles ‘ vindicfus by jonnyp11Jul 1, Appreciate your try at helping, as well as other posters above.

Error – “Cannot connect to the server” (HackShield) :: Vindictus General Discussions

I agree, but it is still a bit frustrating. Packet sniffing will get you nowhere in regards to HS emulation. Whatever this hackshield thing is, is holding me back from playing this game. Closing background programs Reinstalling In addition, I’ve tried launching directly from the game folder, as Vindictus had a similar problem when it launched on Steam, something to do with the overlay.

My vindictus cannot start hackshield keeps closing without any havkshield. I seem to be in my 7th hour here I never even get the hackshield pop-up.

I went to play Dragon Nest which also uses ahnlab hackshield and now it’s causing the same error I was having with AA and I’m getting an error code 10a Hope there’s a fix soon or I’ll just leave startt game. Sucks to hear man. Hackshielr a bit burned out by the vindictus cannot start hackshield questlines and do this and get this stuff.

We’re working hard to make sure we can resolve this for everyone, and that info will help us do so. I already followed all the steps to update Vindictus cannot start hackshield and such.