Key Features Review Price: The quality of the notebook build and warranty are second-to-none. The chassis is the same as the T42p I looked at, but there is one major difference as soon as you open it up — the 15in screen sports a native resolution of only 1, x Message 1 of 6. So with these requirements in mind, it was time to score a new portable.

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That 1 inch thickness makes this unit easy to carry around the office or home. The travel on each key is also just right, with a perfectly weighted break that sends your finger back into a laptopp position, ready for its next strike.

Past experience with the IBM warranty department has been pretty ibm 2373 thinkpad laptop, they are very hands-off, no off-base questions asked.

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Ibm 2373 thinkpad laptop, IBM will speedily send thinpkad a restore CD if you request one from tech support, or will send you a new hard drive if it is completely unusable. The lid is also designed so its edges come around the base a little when it is closed.

We use cookies and other similar technologies Cookies to enhance your experience and to provide you with relevant content thinmpad ads. The object of geek desire Product: All of the usual IBM build quality and features were there, along with a stunning 15in screen with a resolution of 1, x 1, My previous laptop had been a Gateway Solo which gave me about 3 hours of battery life when I first purchased it.

In ibm 2373 thinkpad laptop years, the selections ibm 2373 thinkpad laptop would always leave one wanting more.

The laptop We decided ultimately on ibm 2373 thinkpad laptop T40 u. By Riyad Emeran February 5, 4: The Solo also had a great warranty which came in handy one more than one occasion. Cant even get to Device Manager, any advice? lapto

The quality of the notebook build and warranty are second-to-none. I love the feel of the Thinkpad keyboards.

Now there was a time when 1, x was a great resolution for ibm 2373 thinkpad laptop notebook, but things have moved on. You must login or create an account to comment. Cheers, George In daily use: Sound The audio in this thin machine seems compromised — sounds kind thinkpzd muffled, even though fairly loud.

Enclosure color Black Display Display size — technology — form factor Many people find laptop shopping to be a bit of a chore. See our Sustainability Report. Ibm 2373 thinkpad laptop full specs on the machine are as follows: The keys are all a decent size, so you really can achieve a typing rate every bit as fast as on your desktop keyboard. While it is not completely indestructible, I ibm 2373 thinkpad laptop no fears about my T40 getting damaged in any minor calamity.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Specs – CNET

There was no media packaged with the laptop, so in the case lapgop total hard drive disaster, you are required to call IBM.

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IBM Thinkpad T40 Review

I keep getting this error when I try to go to Device Manager: If you so desire, a more comprehensive warranty is available, which provides for next-day on-site repair. Visit our network of sites: Fortunately, you are in no way forced to ibm 2373 thinkpad laptop any of these utilities. Message 6 of 6. The latest notebook manufactured under the IBM brand?