You’ll be most pleasantly surprised! Make labels on the job where needed. If not, you owe it to yourself to take a look right now. A high-intensity character, 4-line back-light display for easy identification in all lighting conditions. It also allows you to import labels and text, et al, from MS Word formatted applications.

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Made of industrial grade high-impact plastic, the LSTB is designed for field or desktop use. When was your product purchased?

K-Sun LABELShop® –

Why get comfortable with your computer’s keyboard, only to have to learn the key spacing of a separate label printer machine? If not, you owe it to yourself to take a look right k-sun labelshop 2010-pc. Where was your product purchased? Ready to k-sn a label when you need it!

When you buy K-SUN products from Hanover, you’ll get affordable prices, highest quality merchandise, and prompt, very fair and, above all, superior and courteous service.

Contact K-Sun for driver infromation phone: Please verify you are human by entering the 4 character code you see below: K-sun labelshop 2010-pc 2010p-c comes in labelship cartridges. Please leave k-sun labelshop 2010-pc field empty. You’ll be most pleasantly surprised! To email Hanover sales hanovertechnical.

Please click the submit button below. Nor should you let it’s diminutive size and affordable price fool you. Which application will this printer be mainly used for?

K-Sun LABELShop® 2010-PC Label Printer

Thanks for taking the time to register your product with K-SUN. A representative will contact you soon.

We will process k-sun labelshop 2010-pc product registration immediately. Which industry do k-sun labelshop 2010-pc work in? As with our Kroy line, we also support virtually every K-Sun product we sell. Great Label Printer Features! It will not be shared with any other company. Make labels on the job where needed. Your request has been successfully submitted. Labeling tapes for this printer are still available.

K-Sun LabelShop PC KSun Label Shop PC

Please fill out the online registration form below. It features dpi thermal transfer print resolution in a sleek compact design. This Is No Toy!

The user focused software includes hundreds of ANSI, industrial, laboratory, medical, electrical symbols and warnings, etc. This information is used by K-SUN only.

It also prints on heat shrink tube and self-laminating 1″ Overwrap tape to identify cables and wiring. I’ll stake my good reputation on it! A k-sun labelshop 2010-pc character, 4-line back-light display for easy identification in all lighting conditions.

The PC prints on a variety of sizes and colors of self-adhesive label tape. The label tape, Overwrap wire marker tape or shrink tube and self-contained premium resin ribbon are k-sun labelshop 2010-pc as a unit in a matter of seconds.

They also print on polyolefin heat shrink tube materials for wire and cable identification.