Thank you so much. Bradd February 28, LAB March 29, Richar J Olivera April 12, I removed the screen bezel and connected my test backlight lamp. Eventually the light was gone just after the BIOS sequence, and i stopped doing this when there were coming some strange noises and a not so nice smell from the laptop.

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Wojciech September 11, I get the buzzing sound coming from the inverter and sony vaio vgn-fe11h I turn the brightness up the screen goes black and the buzzing vaii. Nihad September 18, OK… I think Sony vaio vgn-fe11h have a good little problem for someone to try to solve.

Hi, I found this site exremely intersting, making the complex world of laptops a tad easy.

Anubko March 2, sony vaio vgn-fe11h Second, in most cases you cannot upgrade the motherboard. Maybe is anything broken in it, like the backlight sony vaio vgn-fe11h or the video cable? Finally, I replace my inverter and like previous guy said it worked for vgn-fe111h seconds with a strange noise from inside and then again the same problem a faight black image without noise.

Dave August 26, The machine will run well for days and then this will crop up again. My Dell laptop went black today, after flickering just a bit for the last week or so.

Thanks for any help. No, there is no lid close. If the problem still sony vaio vgn-fe11h, most likely there is a problem with the motherboard.

This hapenned sony vaio vgn-fe11h times and then all black…This indicates if it is inverter problem vgn-fe111h backlight sony vaio vgn-fe11h G71C toshiba part number: Lisa June 23, Well it is simply where did you get your inverter? The inverter or backlight cable needs replacement 6. I have a Dell Inspiron and a similar problem with my monitor. Do I need to replace the lid closed plate, the backlight, screen, or is it possible I have damaged the new inverter by tapping on the plate too much?

I have not opened the laptop. I just opened the laptop dell inspiron to dust the fan and after closing it began to function but refused to display. In Dell laptops the video cable connector usually located under the keyboard. Sony vaio vgn-fe11h board or back light?

Stefana Muller December 2, Robiee June sony vaio vgn-fe11h, I suspect this was done to deflect responsibility from Acer and onto the customer. After turning on the unit and heating up for 10 minutes, I get sony vaio vgn-fe11h small semi-circular black spot that appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Angelos October 11, Allen Jones February 18, Haluk testereci March vbn-fe11h, Fabiog September 7, Anyone know why its not turning my new lcd on?

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

When I connect the laptop the external monitor, it is no problem to display slny external display. I am having trouble with my satellite m35x-s lcd display. Could be a faulty backlight. When your sony vaio vgn-fe11h flickered, did you notice that white background had reddish tone?

Troubleshooting backlight failure

Jason January 2, The question is, can I get a replacement back light or sony vaio vgn-fe11h I have to buy a whole laptop screen?

Maybe the LCD cable is damaged. Oh and the vga and svideo ports work also.