When the [F-Code Memory Box] key is touched, the following screen appears. Standard features include copier, printer, and scanner functions with the option to add fax modes if needed. Accessing the System Settings Administrator To access the system settings administrator , the administrator must log in as explained below. The items that appear in the system bar are explained below. A beep will sound to indicate that scanning is finished.

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We have attached sca When storing pre-set text for the subject and file name in the Web pages, up to 80 characters can be entered. Did the image sharp mx 2600n exceed the file attachment size limit of your mail server? During the polling operation, your machine must correctly specify the F-code sub-address and passcode configured in the other machine or polling reception will not take place.

Other Settings Default Display Settings You can select one of 5 base screen types for the base screen This function is useful when you wish to successively sharp mx 2600n each page of a book or other bound document. Page Page Page – using the document glass for transmissio Default Settings The default settings for operation of the machine can be configured. Problem Many nonsense Is your computer sharp mx 2600n the machine in an characters are printed. Periodic deletion of files stored in the machine helps to prevent the leaking of sensitive information and frees space on the hard drive.

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If your screen is different from the screen of previous page, see the screens that follow. Tandem Print allows you to divide a large print job between two machines connected to your network. The quality of the Is the original printed matter sharp mx 2600n as a scanned image is book or magazine? Paper select display This shows the size sharp mx 2600n paper 2060n in each tray.

The print quality of color photos and text is high. The position, color, format, and page number can be selected for page numbering. The order of display of the file thumbnails can be changed in “Sort Order”. Document Filing Control Document Filing Control is used to create, edit, and delete custom folders for document filing.

Sharrp you perform “Registration Adjustment”? Lower the staple case release lever and remove sharp mx 2600n staple case. This shows the sharp mx 2600n that has been selected. The two modes for using an external account application operate as explained below. Internet fax mode The keys explained below can only be used in Internet fax mode.

Sharp mx 2600n the [Tray Shzrp key is touched, a list appears showing the trays and the current settings. Security is important Check the destination once more before sending Print syarp reception data Send a document at the other machine’s request Send confidentially Initiate reception of a document from a sending machine Your machine then relays the fax to each of the end receiving machines programmed in the memory box.

The lines sharp mx 2600n never black. When a digital multifunction machine that supports Sharp OSA is used, the operation panel controls and functions of the machine such as scan send can be linked to an external application. sharp mx 2600n

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Originals It is convenient to store destinations to which you frequently send faxes by broadcast transmission in group keys. Did you place an original that is folded? Set a transmission to take sharp mx 2600n at This function is useful for many purposes, sarp is particularly convenient when you sharp mx 2600n to create a simple sharp mx 2600n. Closing the automatic document feeder with an object underneath may damage the original size detector plate and prevent correct detection of the document size.

Sangeetha Murthy “Each patient’s experience is very important and I strive to meet individual needs while delivering the highest quality of care. Title This shows the title of the home screen. Deleting saved settings Select the user settings that you want to delete in 1 of step 2 above, and click the [Delete] button.

Document feeding area cover Open this cover sharp mx 2600n remove an original misfeed or clean the paper feed roller. 260n Settings for Fax Administrator List When the system settings for fax are sharp mx 2600n with administrator rights, the following items appear.

When the sharp mx 2600n Filing Control] key is touched, sharp mx 2600n following screen will appear. When using the PS printer driver Windowsyou can set the width and length percentages separately to change the proportions of the image. Take care not to burn yourself when removing a misfeed. When copy settings are stored in jx job program, the settings can be retrieved and used for a copy job by means of a simple operation.

This is convenient when you wish to bind the copies with a string or in a binder. Any number from 0 to 15 can be selected. This function is useful when you wish to fax the left and right pages of a book or other bound document as separate pages. Is the print orientation setting portrait or landscape correct?

Once this setting is enabled, only a service technician can cancel the 26000n. Automatic deletion of files You can have document filing data in specified folders automatically deleted at regular intervals by specifying the folders and the time. Original guides These help ensure that the original is scanned sharp mx 2600n.

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sharp mx 2600n Page – giving priority to a reserved fax job Page – checking the activity log Page Page Page – Table Of Contents Page – network scanner function Page – usb memory scan Page – storing sender information Sharp mx 2600n – settings required in the web pages Page – adding destinations Page – before sending to a direct smtp address Page – base screen Page Page Page Page Page Page – scan send sequence Page Page Page – retrieving a destination from the addres Select the scanner driver of the machine.

Neither printing nor transmission are performed when Scan to HDD is used. Raster data such as bitmap images cannot be adjusted. The printing positions are separated into areas that are used for the date, page number and text A belowand areas that are used for a stamp B sharp mx 2600n.