While I personally can’t wait to see how the crop of drivers stack up, if the PING K15 proves to be the best of the bunch, it’s already been a good year for golfers. Truly a great set of irons and a good investment Date published: Herb W 7 years ago. John is an aging, yet avid golfer, writer, 5-point-something handicapper and golf reality show finalist. I missed one fairway, because I outdrived on a dogleg!

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Knowledgeable golfers at the end of their customer service lines I am seriously thinking of picking them up. Tried it — liked it — bought it. As a refresher, the consistency score is how we put a value on what manufacturers generally refer to as forgiveness.

Sign Up for Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, differende offers difference between ping g15 and g20 much more. TaylorMade’s new line of woods and irons feature technology that golf has never seen before. I can feel the flow of the club… Really great feeling!

While our performance numbers suggest Dan and I have it right, our testers didn’t agree. Reality, be damned, however; our testers generally thought they should have been more accurate than they believed they actually were.

Like it and will most likely buy it soon. What this tells us betwewn that not only g155 the PING K15 achieve consistent results from swing to swing, anx appears that it does so difference between ping g15 and g20 golfer to golfer as well. Find out how much your current clubs are worth. Engineers took the Epic design and went to work improving it to be even longer and more forgiving. I hope you all like the changes.

This data serves as the foundation for our final performance score. The hype says 1. Sactown 7 years ago.

Online Customization Customizing your clubs is easier than ever! If difference between ping g15 and g20, it would be great if you had a group that better represented the full speed range and the large majority of players. I just bought the Ping G irons with the steel shafts. In the end, the tally of scores couldn’t exceed mediocre.

The specs appear to be close to the Burner 2. The most visible part of G’s Cor-Eye Technology is, well, the Cor-Eye — that circle-looking thingy on the back of the club head. Considering the average golfer fights a slice much more than a hook, this is not an insignificant observation.

I missed one fairway, because I outdrived on a dogleg! We offer the ability to purchase any club today, and then try it in real-world conditions for up to 90 days. Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what’s real and difference between ping g15 and g20 not, and that means MyGolfSpy’s equipment coverage must extend beyond the difference between ping g15 and g20 facts as dictated by the same companies that created them. First, if you take Mark’s numbers out of the equation, average side spin numbers of just a hair over RPMs are lower than what I expect the average will be when we’re done testing for the year.

Callaway Pre-Owned: 90 Day Buy-Back, Customization, Free Headcover

To redeem the in-store credit, call to speak directly to difference between ping g15 and g20 of our sales representatives. You are responsible for all shipping charges associated with sending the buy-back club s to Callaway Pre-Owned. Both the Regular and Stiff flex long iron shafts start under grams. Just bought the k15 3 wood and is the 1st one that i can hit straight and long everytime, and have tried lots of 3 woods over the years, would reccomend if you have trouble in getting any height on your ball flight and slice.

The K15 is a solid performer for sure George. Price protection adjustments exclude the following products and promotional periods: It’s the easiest way to upgrade your existing Callaway Golf or other brand equipment. So while the average rating was right around a 7, I gave it an 8. The amount we will pay under the Buy-Back Guarantee is based on the length of time you have played the club: I tried at least balls and it showed only mph club speed but I was hitting them straight or very slight fade with yds.

The difference between ping g15 and g20 flexible, low cost way to be sure the Callaway Pre-Owned clubs you purchase fit your game.

Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned?

Reality Apr 4, 32 Comments. John 7 years ago. Do the shaft options in the Ping G help with ball flight? Increased distance,accuracy And ease of use.

Questionable shaft fit aside, Ridge was painfully accurate with the K15, missing the centerline on average by less than 10 yards.

Based difference between ping g15 and g20 the number we’re seeing, however; we believe it’s long.