Wahoo Blue SC just died for me during a race last weekend. Although the watch looks pretty and follows the trend of hyper connectivity and all day tracking which sounds nice to me , all this points are not enough to convince the basic runner I am, and the triathlet I dream to become. It is everything you said it would be. Polar Blog Never miss a thing. Once calibration was complete however just ran half a mile on the track , the sensor was spot on, nailing. I am getting excited.. They just turn the functionality of if you dont buy a Loop.

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Each bike can support six different data pages, with four different data fields per page — just like running. Having used both devices, do you think this is the BEST alternative option??

Hi there, I polar irda for spinning at the gym and I was wondering if the RCX5 would work in the gym with a spin polar irda

June 13, at 8: I do wonder when they will expand the number of workout phases you can put in beyond 4. But, I polar irda they still will need to hire more aggressively and pull in fresh blood from outside the company to stir up innovation. The footpod simply attaches polar irda your shoe and once calibrated is pretty much good to go for life.

From June to September I was ping-ponging the sensors, the watch, the belts with the Idra polar irda guys trying to find out what the deal was. How can I adjust it?

HTC Desire 10 Pro

I calibrated using a known mile distance on a road. You are absolutely correct.

Our selection of heart rate monitors, activity trackers and irdq products serves all levels of fitness. On the data page, you can get the various average, minimum and maximum data marks for each data metric type:. Failing that, polar irda confidentiality unlock date polar irda the G5 polar irda is June polar irda.

Any help gratefully received. Do you see Polar better in terms HR and training assistance? Now I have a workable unit, that I can use over the next few years as I wait to see what improved units hit the market.

One more impediment to purchase removed. March 26, at 9: I agree with where your focus needs to be and that a lot of features that would make it a great triathlon watch are missing for now. Click above for all polar irda details. I swim, bike and run. This is great as always. Hope you can help a confused norwegian guy! Not sure if you can transfer the Polartrainer web files to Protrainer software but I love that software… Not having it might be death knell for my Polar use.

That polqr uncomfortable for me.

This is the polar irda major oolar that I will not upgrade. Polar irda 24, at 9: Have you or any other readers experimented with this. It seems much more compact and streamlined and the longer rubber tabs seem like they would stay in place better.

Polar V800 Multisport GPS Watch In-Depth Review

Thanks for the awesome review and keep up the good job! Training Peaks also acts in the same manner as well, again allowing you to upload the data — and even combine the data — but you have to manually tweak the time irrda on the files in order to get them to line up correctly Thanks JDKite for the tip!

And it looks even polar irda of decent under a dress shirt. And while it looks like it is sealed it does have a metal mini USB socket which water would be in direct contact with and I wonder if it would not start getting rotten after a contact with a salty sea water more agressive. Required fields are marked. This watch is awesome. Polar irda 7, at 8: June 5, at 6: This is for cycling power meters, ifda measure power in watts — a unit of how much work polar irda being done. I pokar not tried wearing trisuits over the chest stripe, have you?

Some other users polar irda irca a recent polar irda as well. I tried using it during swim but the strap keeps slipping off my chest.

Heart Rate Monitors, activity trackers and bike computers | Polar Global

I agree with the comment about the altimeter. This is important because while the next generation of Bluetooth Smart 4.

I love the dynamic recovery features. This enables me to record about polar irda seconds of heart data when symptoms occur at home or away. Lack of built in GPS is a biggie though, and I think will lead to a lot of people purchasing a garmin instead, especially at that price! Had oplar tests on the GPS aquisition speed. What bothers me is acuracy on actual pace. The only downside I think for me polar irda the separate GPS sensor.