If I would open the top of the printer and then close it I could print about another 17 copies. Other times you have to let it sit a while to cool off. Are you doing the final step 7 to confirm the changes? Refilling your toner cartridges is probably best avoided, as other people on this forum and others have had their imaging drums destroyed by bad toner. Maintenance Kit V, C, C only. Other models may have another button sequence. Okidata told me to call gilberco which is my company for the passport system that is hooked up to the printer but have not received a reply

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Things are looking much clearer now! Anybody have any insight as to why I get a “black toner sensor error” on my C after I refilled the cartridge. The left side of okidata c6150 drum for each color has snapped open at random times, spilling toner. I ahave a cn – Anonymous. When I last refilled the black toner and turned on, I received the following message and cannot reset.

Hi Capacity Toner Cartridge, 7K. Generic toner will not destroy or injure your OKI drums. It will fill scratches and prevent friction so your drums will last and last. Just put an optional card on the printer and it’ll be fine. Toner Cartridge, Okidata c6150, 8K. Reseat okidata c6150 Image Drums. Is there any problem in using that toner for the C Reseat the Toner Cartridges.

Am I doing something wrong, okidata c6150 do I need a password I don’t have to get to this option on my printer?

Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 1. Yes for a while but then the toner out message appears. Try shaking the toner cartridges. okidata c6150


The girl said it’s no problem. Maintenance Kit V, B only.

Man, you are a life saver. From the initial start screen right click on a blank area.

When I okidara on my OKI holding the 1 and 2 buttons, it initializes just okidata c6150 same as normal. I’ve replaced the starter toner cartridges and now want to refill the replacement cartridges with “bulk” toner.

Image Toner – Toner Cartridges and Office Supplies

Does it correctly sense okidata c6150 thickness on the first sheet, but on later sheets detect the wrong thickness? Due to this fact, the toner should not be v6150. It will save you lots of that green stuff called money.

The errors are as follows: Toner Cartridge, Black, Okidata c6150 spent like bucks replacing them all. Have just replaced cyan okidatta to Oki C okidata c6150 and am getting some toner stuck to the drum and then comes onto the print. The part is pretty cheap from printerdoctor but too late for me.

Service Manuals

Okidata c6150 emailed me firmware upgrade software to install. I was helping the office remotely and they told me that the error was still there, but it was a different error. The “Dot Count” shows how much of each colour has been used in the life of that toner. Okieata is exactly what I did. Looks like I okidata c6150 to get a new one. ANYWAY, I liked the diag 4 screen for theyou could set individual things instead of a full memory wipe, as we did.

Toner Cartridge, Yellow, 6K. Thank you can okidata c6150 a friend who knows. What dose it mean?