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Fire clay chimney linings shall be installed ahead of the construction of the chimney as it is carried up, carefully bedded one on the other in fire clay mortar, with close-fitting joints left so smooth on the inside. All parts of the stage floor shall be designed to support not less than kilograms per square meter pounds per square foot.

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Also remove everything in this list from your library. The philipppines for firestopping was introduced into the National Building Code inOnly RLAs shall sign and seal the architectural permit application documents.

Such duct or intake shall have a minimum unobstructed cross-sectional area of not less than 0. Alterations should preserve the aesthetic value of the building to be altered. All films not in actual use shall be stored in metal cabinets having individuals compartments for reels or shall be in generally accepted shipping containers.

Corrugated wired glass may tue supports 1. Anchors and supports shall penetrate to a sufficient depth below ground. The slope of exit courts shall building code of the philippines pdf download exceed 1 in The width of the cross aisle shall be building code of the philippines pdf download less than the sum of the required width of the widest aisle plus 50 per cent of the total required width of the remaining aisle leading thereto.

Any other occupancy not mentioned specifically in this Section, or about which there is any question, shall be philiplines in the Group which its use most nearly resembles based on the existing or proposed life and fire hazard.


The glass panels shall be located in such a manner as to reduce the hazard of ignition caused by paint spray deposit. Metal hoods shall be kept a minimum of 40 building code of the philippines pdf download 18 inches from combustion materials unless approved for reduced clearances. No dampers shall be installed in such exhaust systems. Unau thori zed cha ngemodif icati on or alt erati on in the appr oved plans and specifications or in the type of construction 3. If only two exits are required they shall be placed a distance apart equal to not less than one-fifth of the perimeter of the area served measured in a straight line between exits.

Stairs may be 75 centimeters 30 inches wide, with a rise of 20 centimeters 8 inches and a run of 23 centimeters 9 inches. The total aggregate area of plastics used in skylights, monitors, and sawtooth glazing shall not exceed 20 per cent of the floor area of the room or occupancy sheltered.

National building code of the philippines pdf file

There shall be a space of not less than 30 centimeters 12 inches between the back of each seat and front of the seat immediately behind it. Pdg portion of a building separated by one or more area separation walls may be considered a separate building code of the philippines pdf download provided the area separation wall meet the requirements of this Code. Every exit court shall discharge into a public way or exit passageway. Except, That aisles may be omitted when all the following conditions exists: Uplift due to overturning shall be adequately resisted by proper anchorage to the ground or to the structural frame of the building.

Openings in such fences shall be provided with doors which shall philjppines kept closed at all times.

For glass not firmly supported on all four edges, design shall be submitted for approval. Every marquee shall be so located as not to interfere with the operation of any exterior standpipe connection or to obstruct the clear passage from stairways or exists from the building downloas the installation or maintenance of electroliers.

Adequate signs and railings shall be provided to direct pedestrian traffic.

Basement pipe inlets shall be installed in the first floor of every store, warehouse, or factory where there are cellars or basements under same: The opening from the vestibule or balcony to the stair tower shall be protected a self-closing fire assembly having a one-hour fire-resistive rating.

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Erect ing, co nstru ctingalterin g, movi ng, con verti ng or dem olish ing without permit. The firebox shall be not less than 50 centimeters 20 inches in depth. Walls of chimneys with flue lining shall be not less than 10 centimeters 4 inches in thickness and shall not be constructed in accordance with this Code.

Anchorages and connections between members and the supporting elements of the structure or walls shall be capable of withstanding all probable external and internal forces or other conditions for building code of the philippines pdf download structurally sound construction. No obstruction shall be placed the required width of an exit except projections permitted by this code.

Exit doors shall swing in the direction of exit travel when serving te hazardous areas or when serving an occupant load of 50 or more. Except, in the following cases: Springs shall not be stressed more than 50 per cent of their rated capacity and shall not be located directly in the air stream, nor exposed to thr elements. The floor shall be constructed of incombustible material. Provided, That such conditions or defect exists to the extent that the life, health, property, or safety of the public or its occupant are endangered: Within fifteen 15 days from receipt by the applicant of the advice from Building Official building code of the philippines pdf download his Deputy authorized to issue the certificate building code of the philippines pdf download the certificate should not be issued, or why the certificate is vode or revoked, the applicant may appeal the non-issuance, suspension, or revocation thereof, to the Mayor of the chartered city or municipality, or the Governor of the province where the building for which the certificate is being applied for is located.