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Advanced Resources Part 2 covers pages and is full of strange and wonderful scales and arpeggios. I’m a professional teacher, downloda a music publisher, so I can afford to spend 20 years researching and experimenting to produce the best-quality book available. A lot contain impractical or partial fingerings; some even have no diagrams at all.

Many have confusing or incorrect explanations and analysis; that’s if they have any at all.

Arpeggio and Scale Resources (FREE eBook) | Cochrane Music

Avant Folk Feed Your Ears: Do you want to know a way for improving your guitar solos? Indeed, as you’ll see in the pdf ebook, arpeggios often have fingerings with just 1 or 2 notes per strings, and practicing these patterns with alternate picking or sweep picking will give a great benefit to fingers dexterity and coordination. The Contents Arpeggio and Scale Resources is divided into three parts: Pentatonic, majors, minors, modals, diminished, of course there are really tons of different scales that you can use in your melodic solos.

For a book to be an “encyclopedia” it should be complete and systematic.

I’d be delighted if you bought a paper copy — I get a couple of bucks for each one sold, so it would help me out. No, I’m claiming to cover scales and arpeggios here because that’s how many different scales and arpeggios the book covers. It’s a must know for anyone who wants to learn jazz language. Stay updated and get free ebooks Subscribe to the free newsletter and download chords and scales ebooks: Mastering the pentatonic scale NEW 20 II-V-I jazz guitar licks 5 Jazz blues arpeggio studies 50 II-V-I voicings NEW 11 blues jazz studies Mastering the altered scale 40 blues jazz guitar licks 25 soul jazz guitar licks 25 dominant diminished licks 25 minor jazz guitar licks 5 Tritone substitution licks.

You’ll learn the patterns of major triads, minor triads, augmented and diminished triads arpeggios. Charts of all modes: The ebook contains arpeggios patterns with the root on the sixth and the fifth string both. I can also afford to let you download it for free, because frankly I’d rather have people use it. Here’s a free guitar scales pdf ebook 22 pages with plenty of scales and arpeggios patterns. The ebook contains the most important scales for beginnerssuch as major and minor, but shows also more advanced patterns such as triads arpeggios, seventh chords arpeggiospentatonic and blues scales.

It takes up the first 60 pages and contains the following chapters, which are designed to be studied in order: Fundamentals Part 1 is dedicated to covering the basics very thoroughly.

And the house rules themselves are pretty simple: Mastering the pentatonic scale NEW Did you know that there are several pentatonic scales? Share with your fellow guitar players. There are many commercial books on the market that call themselves scale or arpeggio “encyclopedias”, but there are no good ones. If you like it, please consider buying a copy of the beautiful, perfect-bound, crisply-printed book from Lulu. An explanation of basic scale theory, giving precise definitions to terms such as “gamut”, “scale”, “root note”, “mode”, “interval” and so on.

How to apply the concept. All possible symmetrical scales, with an explanation of what “symmetrical” means in this context Further arpeggios, including 9, 11 and 13 added to the triad, alterations of the standard triads and suspensions.

Bass Guitar Scales Chords And Arpeggios

Playing arpeggios is a great way to highlight the backing harmony of a musical piece, and to play harmonically with the rest of the band. Add a comment Name. Download the PDF now.

Although the theory behind this section is a little abstruse, the scales themselves offer many fresh possibilities for lsesons expression and exploration. Whole-tone and half-step diminished, for a quite interesting sound.