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In this way I had to deal with a large section of the personnel in both departments, many of whom, detecting chances of undeserved favours at the cost of unsuspecting fellow employees, frequented the offices regularly, hunting for easy gains, obliging colleagues to do likewise to save themselves from a possible loss.

There is a karma to be fulfilled on earth, within the dharma of necessity. It seemed as if I were looking at the world through a haze.

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After a while, feeling suffocated and ill at ease, I left for a short walk in the street with the idea of finding diversion for my thoughts. Having made the resolve, I looked around for a means to carry it into effect.

The assiduous, prolonged discipline of attention kundalinii a single image the full-blooming, lightradiating lotus is as difficult as any concentration upon a learning task in an extraverted manner.

From that day to the time of my appointment in we lived there summer and winter. Why set my heart on things, I told myself, which I must ultimately relinquish, often most reluctantly at the point of the sword wielded by death, with great pain and torture of the mind? All this proves that Gopi Krishna’s is a typical explorer’s mentality.

Flashes of light before the eyes followed by darkness, humming in the ears due to pressure on the tympanic membrane, peculiar sensations in the body caused by fatigued nerves, semihypnotic conditions resulting from protracted concentration, appearances and phantoms due to tricky imagination in a state of tense expectancy, and other similar phenomena had absolutely no effect on me.

Your own opinions to reserve Living with ,rishna ePub: For a long time I lent no credence to such stories, and I can emphatically assert even today that a real Yogi in touch with, the other world, dowbload of producing genuine psychical phenomena at will, is one of the rarest beings on earth. Gpi visited him several times for talks before we left on a pony-trek to Shishnag and then the return to Europe.

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But how were they to be accounted for? The more I thought about the matter, the more strongly I was drawn towards a simple, unostentatious life, free from thirst kundxlini worldly greatness, which I had pictured for myself. Thinking it to be a trick played by my imagination to relax the tension, I dismissed the matter from my mind and brought my attention back to the point from which it had wandered.

My father renounced the world when she was in her twenty-eighth year, the mother of three children, two daughters and a son. She used to go to the temple long before the first faint glimmer of dawn streaked the horizon, returning at daybreak to attend to the needs of kundaliini household, in dowlnoad to keep our frugal morning meal ready for me.

The feeling of exaltation was not so strong. Wonder-struck, my mother had fallen prostrate at his feet, humbly invoking his blessings upon me.

But methods of psychology do not lead to goals of yoga. It seemed as if prolonged concentration had opened a yet partially developed centre in the brain which depended for its fuel on the stream of energy constantly rushing upward from the reproductive region.

To reawaken the emotion of love in my heart I fondled and caressed them, talked to them in endearing terms, but never succeeded in experiencing that spontaneity and warmth which are characteristic of true attachment. The day after the experience I suffered loss of appetite, and food tasted like ash in my mouth. I felt giddy and confused, hardly able to restrain myself from falling on the slimy road in a faint. Jung’s fascinating account of the ups-and-downs of his inner development even to the very depths of his unconscious.

I was brought to an abrupt halt by my failure in the college examination towards the end of The psyche needs a psychology that gives it room to move. Another remarkable event of my childhood at the age of eight which I remember more vividly occurred one day as I walked along a road in Srinagar in early spring on my way to the house of our religious preceptor. I never felt the need of explaining my point of view to prepare her for the resolution I had taken.

Deliver the item to us! After all, active imagination is not a method of pure cognition; to seek through it the transcendence of space and time with a prophetic insight into tomorrow is mistaken. I recall the heat, the flies, and my shirt stuck with sweat to the back of an old leather arm-chair. Prior to that I had been working in the same capacity in the office of the Chief Engineer, from which I had been transferred for having the temerity to question an unjust directive from the Minister-in-charge, who often took morbid pleasure in bullying subordinates.

The far-reaching effects of this immensely augmented flow of a new form of vital current into the cephalic cavity through the spinal cord before the system becomes fully accustomed to it may be visualized by considering the effects of a sudden increase in the flow of blood to the brain such as faintness, complete insensibility, excitement, irritability, or in extreme cases, delirium, paralysis, death.

The Indian concept of the Sukshma Sarira, which is after all the main subject of Gopi Krishna’s reports, cannot possibly be translated into a Western vocabulary which, thus far, divides itself into the two fields of either physis or psyche.