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But now the National Executive feels that the time has come when we should put more emphasis on the beliefs of our Party and its policies of socialism. The United States BlackPast. The mistake we are making is to think that development begins with industries.

Women who live in the villages work harder than anybody else in Tanzania. And there is in Tanzania a fantastic amount of talk about getting money from outside. The development of a country.

Because the land belongs to the nation, the Government has to see to it that it is being used for the benefit of the whole nation and not for the benefit of one individual or just a few people. We have put too much emphasis on industries just as we have said “Without money there can be no development,” we also seem to say “industries are the basis of development. We can produce food crops which can be exported if we produce in large quantities such as maize, rice, wheat, beans, and groundnuts.

Declaracion Arusha 1967

Industries will come and money will come, but their foundation is the people and their hard work, especially in agriculture. Let us therefore always remember the following. We expect to get money through this method. But we have not yet produced systematic training for our leaders; pdr is necessary that TANU Headquarters should now dpwnload a programme of training for all leaders — from the national level to the ten-house cell level — so that every one of them understands our political and economic policies.

Such money as the rich nations offer to the poor nations is given voluntarily, either through their own goodness, or for their own benefit. And all of them combine with hard work to produce more and better results.

From now on we shall stand upright and walk forward on our feet rather than look at this problem upside down.

It means that the people who benefit declarqtion from development which fownload brought about by borrowed money are not the ones who will repay the loans.

It is obvious that in the past we have chosen the wrong weapon for our struggle, because we chose money as our weapon. Or supposing they did not insist upon taking their profits away, but decided to reinvest them in Tanzania; could we really accept this situation without asking ourselves what disadvantages our nation would suffer?

That is to say, our money has been brought by development. And even if we could get the necessary assistance, dependence on it could interfere with our policy on socialism.

Without money there can be no development. In particular, it should not be forgotten that TANU is a party of peasants and workers. We 19967 not have either the necessary finances or the technical know-how. A great part of Tanzania’s land is fertile and gets sufficient rains.

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This means that another government gives our Government a sum of money as a free gift for a particular development scheme. Money, and the wealth it represents, is downlowd result and not the basis of development.

Articles containing Swahili-language text CS1 errors: And we can produce such cash crops as sisal, cotton, coffee, tobacco, pyrethrum, and tea. Why do we do all this? How about the enterprises of foreign investors?

And because the main aim of development is to get more food, and more money for our other needs our purpose must be to increase production of these agricultural crops. This is the meaning of self-reliance. Money, and the wealth it represents, is the result and not the basis of development. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The answer to this is the same one we gave earlier, that we cannot get enough money, and borrow enough technicians to start all the industries we need.